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Here at Onefold we are proud to sell a wide variety of garden ornaments which can bring any outdoor space to life. However, what happens when you want to bring those outdoor blooms inside your home?

No matter how hardy the plant seems outside, as soon as it is cut the life expectancy suddenly takes a huge nose dive. So, how can you keep those blooms looking fresher, for longer?

Feed them

Flower food, something that should never be underestimated when it comes to keeping floral arrangements alive. If you buy a bouquet from a high street store or florist, then you are likely to be provided with some flower food to sprinkle into the vase.

What you may not realise is that you can make this yourself with relative ease.

All you need is some clear malt vinegar; it doesn’t need to be anything too fancy. The cheapest stuff with do. This works by taking some of the alkalinity that tap water has and stopping bacteria from forming as easily. If you don’t do this then the stems of your flowers will soon turn slimy, which will block them. Not only this but the vase water will also start to become more than just a little stinky!

Boil them up

Okay, before you go and pop your cut roses in a huge pan of boiling water, let us just explain that we are only talking about searing the ends of the stems, not the whole bloom. If the flowers are looking a little on the floppy side, then just 30 seconds will soon have them perky again.

It is important that you keep the flower heads away from the steam of the hot water. You can do this by enclosing the flowers in a sheet of newspaper for shorter blooms, otherwise, if you only pop the stems into around 1-2 inches of water then you should be fine.

Cut them right

If you can, try to invest in some good quality tools for snipping those stems. For stronger stems you may need some secateurs, however, in the most part a simple pair of florist scissors will be fine.

By cutting the stem neatly and cleanly, this will allow for better water absorption and in turn will ensure that they stay hydrated and standing tall.

Don’t rush them

Flowers need a rest before they are placed into an arrangement. If you can, rest them overnight, however, if you are in a rush then you can simply give them few hours in a dark room, placed in a bucket of tepid water.

You may be surprised to learn that this is will extend their life by up to a ¼.

Flowers look beautiful whether they are left out in the garden, or if they are brought inside. Just make sure that you treat them right and they will give you many days of beauty in return!

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