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Enhance Your Garden with a Bird Bath

Bird baths are both decorative and functional items, and a great way to enhance your garden, be it through providing an ornamental structure, as well as attracting birds. If you want to encourage birds into your garden, then bird baths and feeders are the best way to do this. It is a good idea to think about the types of birds native to your area, and the types of conditions that they flourish in. Birds are not known to like too much direct sun, nor too much cold shade, so it is wise to read up on how best to arrange your bird bath in order for the birds to want to keep returning.


There are a number of bird bath styles available to suit all sorts of gardens, and garden birds. We would like to recommend a great blog article on how to build a simple bird bath, which features a vast amount of information on how to enhance your garden, be it a small back yard, or a large open green space. Please visit www.laspilitas.com/garden/howto/birdbath.htm


A range of bird baths are available from our garden ornament webshop at www.onefold.uk

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