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owl garden ornament

Medium Owl

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Dimensions: H34 x W20 x L24 cm / H13.5″ x W8″ x L9.5″


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Product Description

Owls are traditionally associated with fertility, femininity and cycles of renewal. Perch this perky, open winged owl in a special spot in your garden to welcome in a cycle of new abundance.

  • Manufactured with decades-long tradition and experience.
  • Realistic, hand-cast design (reconstituted stone / concrete).
  • Perfectly aged to give it an atique appearance.
  • Hand-finished to ensure the perfection in details.
  • Made in England from weather and frost-proof compound.
  • Heavy and solid – not hollow – as it should be.
  • It represents a standard that is hard to beat for this kind of products!


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Medium Owl Garden Ornament


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Weight8 kg
Dimensions34 × 20 × 24 cm

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