Pelican Bird Bath: 5 Part Set

 : Garden Ornaments by Onefold

Dimensions: H57 ⌀49 cm / H22.4″ ⌀19.3″ / 66 kg


 : Garden Ornaments by Onefold
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Product Description

Pelican Bird Bath: 5 Part Set

Highly decorative and beautifully made, our Pelican Bird Bath will attract the local birdlife to your garden year after year. Handcrafted in the UK, it is made of weather-resistant reconstituted stone, supplied in 5 pieces for quick and easy home assembly, and designed to accommodate birds of every size, from tiny finches and sparrows to larger doves and woodpigeons.

The generously sized bird bath is supported on three hand-carved pelicans set upon a hexagonal plinth. These prehistoric looking birds are characterised by their long beak and inquisitive eyes, which we think we have captured perfectly in this Pelican Bird Bath. A lovely gift for bird lovers, it will make a standout addition to any garden.

  • Manufactured with decades-long tradition and experience.
  • Realistic, hand-cast design (reconstituted stone / concrete).
  • Perfectly aged to give it an antique appearance.
  • Hand-finished to ensure the perfection in details.
  • Made in England from weather and frost-proof compound.
  • Heavy and solid – not hollow – as it should be.
  • It represents a standard that is hard to beat for this kind of products!


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Pelican Bird Bath

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Additional Information

Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 57 × 49 × 49 cm

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