Whimsical Gardening: Fun Activities to Try with Kids this Summer

Summer break in the UK is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and bond with your kids. Read More

Summer break in the UK is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and bond with your kids. What better way to do that than by embarking on a gardening adventure together? Gardening not only nurtures an appreciation for nature but also encourages creativity and responsibility in children. And what better companions to add magic to your garden than Onefold’s exquisite collection of stone garden statues and ornaments? Let’s explore some gardening activities you can do with your little ones, along with how Onefold’s pots, vases, statues, and garden ornaments can enhance the experience.

Plant a Miniature Fairy Garden

Spark your kids’ imagination by creating a miniature fairy garden. Gather small plants, colorful flowers, and pebbles to create a magical landscape. To take the enchantment to the next level, add Onefold’s angel statues or adorable animal figurines as fairy guardians. These finely crafted stone ornaments will not only captivate your kids but also lend a timeless charm to your garden.

Decorate with Whimsical Planters and Vases

Onefold offers a wide range of ornate planters and vases that can transform the look of your garden. Involve your kids in selecting their favorite designs, shapes, and sizes. Let them post their chosen plants and watch their eyes light up as they see their creations come to life. These durable stone planters ensure that your kids’ efforts will yield a beautiful and thriving display.

Create a Zen Oasis with Oriental Buddhas

Teach your children about different cultures and their values by incorporating Onefold’s oriental Buddhas into your garden. These serene statues will bring a sense of tranquility to the space, providing a perfect spot for your family to relax, meditate, or simply enjoy each other’s company. Plus, introducing diverse elements to the garden will help broaden your kids’ horizons.

Host a Garden Scavenger Hunt

Plan a fun-filled scavenger hunt in your garden with Onefold’s statues and ornaments as clues. Hide small tokens or notes under different garden elements, leading your kids to their next destination. Use creative hints and riddles to make it even more exciting. This activity not only engages your children but also encourages them to explore and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

Personalize with Stepping Stones

Let your kids leave their mark on the garden by crafting personalized stepping stones. Use concrete mix and molds to create stepping stones and allow your children to decorate them with their handprints, names, or artistic designs. These stepping stones will serve as cherished memories of the time spent together and add a personal touch to your garden.

Gardening with kids can be a delightful experience that fosters a love for nature and nurtures creativity. Onefold’s stone garden statues, planters, vases, and ornaments not only elevate the aesthetics of your garden but also provide a source of inspiration and wonder for your little ones. By incorporating these enchanting elements, you can create a whimsical garden that will be the perfect setting for your family’s cherished moments. So, grab your gardening tools, bring out your creativity, and embark on a summer gardening adventure with Onefold’s exquisite collection. Happy gardening!