4 Hacks for Creating a Halloween Garden

October 31st is approaching, and it’s time to soak in Halloween’s spirit. Read More

From preparing the Halloween costume to decorating your home with spooky ornaments, this is a busy time for everyone. Showing your love for Halloween and gardening is easy when you have several ornaments ready to adorn your space.

If you’re planning to prepare your garden for Halloween and wish to get creative with it, we have some helpful ideas for you. Here are some quick tips to get you started with Halloween celebrations:

DIY Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween garden decorations are incomplete without some Jack-O-Lanterns. If you don’t have ready-to-set lanterns, craft some from turnips or pumpkins, and you’re sorted. You can fill pumpkins and turnips with moss, small tree branches, figurines, and rocks to create attractive miniature gardens. To hang these Jack-O-Lanterns along with other garden ornaments, use turnips and smaller pumpkins that don’t fall because of their weight. But if you have larger pumpkins, use them to line your garden entrance and pavements instead of hanging them.

Spooky Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments beautify your space and dash a touch of uniqueness to it. You can craft some garden ornaments from pumpkins, tree twigs, and flowers, depending on your preferences. The most popular garden ornaments for Halloween are hanging figurines, stoned graves, and gnomes that collectively give your garden an eerie look.

You can string small garden ornaments around your plants and use designated stands for larger ornaments to maintain symmetry in your garden. Choose Halloween garden ornaments according to your colour preferences and your garden’s theme because they’ll impact your place’s final look.

Eerie Lighting

Your Halloween garden will look its best (and the scariest) at night when you turn on the string lights. Giving a Halloween garden that creepy look is easier with designated lights that are easy to set and are inexpensive. You can either get Jack-O-Lantern string lights to amplify your garden ornaments or pick pumpkin-shaped lights to maintain a subtle outlook.

Creepy Planters

If you wish to make a long-term investment in your garden, get ghost or grave-shaped planters that will stay in your garden even after Halloween. You can decorate these planters with string lights during this Halloween season and remove these lights for a natural look afterwards. DIYing Halloween planters is an excellent activity to do with your kids and other family members. If you want temporary planters for your garden, decorate them with moss, tree twigs, and rocks instead of plants for an easy re-doing haul later on.

Final Thoughts

Preparing the garden for Halloween is a fun and exciting activity. When all family members participate in crafting and setting spooky pumpkins, it sets the mood for a beautiful holiday. If you have some attractive ornaments in your garden, pair them up with mysterious lights and planters this Halloween season. You can use eerie lights, ornaments, Jack-O-Lanterns and garden ornaments to beautify your place before October 31st. Have your family members participate in this fun activity and enjoy all Halloween festivities to the fullest.