A Gardener’s Autumn Dates to Remember

A thoroughly planned and practical care regime can keep your garden alive year-round, even when there's frost or snowfall outside. Read More

Since autumn is here, devising a garden care schedule and marking important dates during these months can magically reduce your workload during the planting season.

Here are the primary activities you can do during autumn to ensure your garden stays happy and healthy:

  1. October

October is a pleasant month for planting cool-season vegetables and plants. To harvest a healthy fall crop this year, here’s what to do during October:

  • Build Planters

If you plan on planting some cool-season plants, having movable planters is an intelligent move. You can either build new planters or find some on our website to ensure your garden doesn’t look dull during winters. These movable planters will be ideal for fragrant herbs and winter flowers that keep a garden’s spark alive.

  • Plant Cool-Season Crops

As you had prepared flower beds and planters in September, start with planting vegetables and plants in them. Some noteworthy crops you can grow in this cold month are kale, cabbage, turnips, pears, radishes, etc.

  • Harvest Fall Crop

Remember to harvest the fall crop during October because November is not the best time for most planting activities. Re-painting the garden ornaments and fixing the garden furniture is also suitable for this pleasant month.

  • Protect New Seedlings and Plants

Preparing the soil and sowing some seeds isn’t enough; you have to protect these new seedlings and garden beds from the cold spells. You can use polyester floaters to cover ready-to-harvest and newly planted seeds at nighttime to keep the bone-chilling cold at bay.

  1. November

November is the most relaxed autumn month regarding gardening; the soil is cold by now, and you can’t do much harvesting or planting.

  • Water Your Garden

If there isn’t sufficient rainfall, water your garden once in two weeks to ensure the growing plants have enough moisture. If you have fountains or garden ornaments, clean them to control mosquito and insect growth.

  • Trim & Prune Young Plants

You can trim bushes and plant branches in November and wipe the water-based garden ornaments dry to maintain their structure. When water freezes inside ceramic or stone-based garden ornaments, it can cause them to crack.

  • Remove Garden Mulch

If the cold weather has damaged some of your plants or there’s a mulch build-up in the garden, use a gardening fork to remove it to let the soil breathe.

Summing It Up!

Gardening is a fruitful but hectic activity. If you forget important gardening dates or don’t have a proper schedule, maintaining a beautiful garden gets difficult. Mark all important dates for the upcoming autumn season to keep your plants, garden ornaments, and fixtures intact!