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Okay, so even we know that it is a long way off to those warm days of summer, but it doesn’t hurt look forward to them, does it?  It’s the ideal time to start thinking about accessorising garden.

Not only can you think about the longer, sunnier days, but now is a great time to consider whether or not it might be time to think about giving your outdoor space a bit of a makeover.

As stockists of some rather gorgeous ornaments and statues, we have put together some of the easiest and most stylish ways that you can jazz up your garden with a variety of outdoor ornaments and accessories.

Getting garden ornaments right

Putting ornaments in your garden is a great way to accessorising garden and brighten up the space. They come in a variety of forms including statues, bird baths and planters. It is important that any decorations you pick do not detract away from the natural beauty of your garden. You will also need to think about the space that you have. If you overcrowd it with too many ornaments, then you may end up with nowhere to relax when you do get to sit outside.


Possible one of the simplest ways that you can bring some elegance to your outdoor space is with a gorgeous statue. Statues come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. It really does depend on your own personal taste as to which statue you choose. Some love traditional Buddha’s and gnomes, whilst animal lovers may fancy a creature or two in their garden.

garden statue


The wonderful thing about having a planter in your garden is not only are they a lovely ornament in their own right, but they also allow you to display a variety of flowers too. This means that you can brighten up your garden with colourful flowers, without planting them in the ground.

Planters are popular with those people who don’t have any flower beds in their garden and there are a variety of flowers which are suitable to be planted in them.


Bird Baths

Being able to enjoy the local wildlife is one of the biggest plus points of your garden. If you want to entice some of the birds that live in area into your garden, then a bird bath is a great idea. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and require very little maintenance. Just how a garden ornament should be.

bird bath

Wall Plaques

Just because you are short on outdoor space, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your garden. A great way to brighten it up, without losing room is with wall plaques. These can be funny, cute or traditional, and will give your space a touch of extra style.

wall plaque

Bird Feeders

Not every bird feeder has to be those ones that hang from the trees. In fact, here at Onefold we have some extra stylish bird feeders that not only keep the local birds happy, but look great too.

So there you have it, some of the types of garden ornament and why we think they are pretty great for accessorising garden. Whether you have a large, spacious garden or simple a space outside to call your own, there are ways that you can make it beautiful and a reflection of your own sense of style.

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