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For many of us, one of the best bits of the festive season is that we get to head out and buy a real, living Christmas tree. Whilst some may be happy to embrace fake trees. There… Read More

For many of us, one of the best bits of the festive season is that we get to head out and buy a real, living Christmas tree. Whilst some may be happy to embrace fake trees. There are some of us who believe that you really cannot beat the amazing smell and look of a real Christmas tree.

But picking the perfect Christmas tree may not be as easy as heading to the store and picking one up. You may not realise it but there are several different types for you to consider buying and each one is a little different.

To help you to find the ideal tree we have put together our guide to the different types available and how you can best look after your spruce of choice!

Tree Types

Blue Spruce

This tree has a blue-green hue to its foliage, which makes it a popular choice. It also comes with a strong citrus scent. One of the biggest downsides of this type of tress is that the needles are incredibly prickly, which can put people off.

photo credit: Steven Depolo @Flickr
photo credit: Scott Loarie @Flickr

Fraser Fir

A tree that is known to hold onto its needles. For some people, this particular type of fir can be a bit expensive. The branches are strong on this tree, which is good for decorating. Not only this but it has relatively soft needles as well as a gentle turps fragrance.

photo credit: Hart-T-Tree Farms
photo credit: David B. Gleason @Flickr

Noble Fir

As the name suggests, this is a pretty impressive tree. The foliage on this particular tree is more open and needle-like, which means that it is perfect for hanging an assortment of decorations on. It doesn’t leave its needles as much as some other types of tree and smells pretty lovely too!

photo credit: Coniferous Forest
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Norway Spruce

A tree for the traditional. The Norway Spruce is the original Christmas tree. Whilst the silhouette of this particular tree is tempting for some, it is the truly festive fragrance that seems to be the biggest hit!

photo credit: Forest View Evergreen Tree Farms
photo credit: Fast-Growing-Trees

Nordman Fir

Another popular tree choice, this one is dark green with soft, long needles. It is known to hold its needles better than some other types of tree and has a citrus infused scent when the leaves are crushed.

photo credit: The Natural Christmas Tree Co.
photo credit: The Tree Amigos

How to decorate and care for your tree

Once you have chosen your tree, the most exciting part begins. Decorating! You should always start with your lights as otherwise you may find that your other decorations get damaged or tangled up when you pop them on.

Next is the baubles, whilst you may not want to go too crazy on colour. Having a mixture of shiny and matt baubles will give a really nice effect to your tree. The colour of the baubles that you pick can depend on where it is in the room. If the area that you are displaying your tree is slightly darker, you may want to stick to light and bright shades to make sure that it stands out.

You should try to keep your tree away from any heat sources as this can dry them out, and don’t forget to water them. This will make  sure that they look their best for longer.

These are just some of our top tips for making sure that your Christmas tree is the perfect festive addition to your home. 


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