Why your garden can benefit from a bird bath

Our gardens are our outdoor haven, the place where you can get up and close with wildlife, as well as indulge yourself in some fresh air too. A great way to make the most of your garden is to treat yourself to a few garden ornaments. Read More

These come in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes. Statues are a beautiful addition to the space. But if you want something that not only makes your garden look great, but has some extra benefits too, why not take a look at bird baths?

Birds keep your plants healthy

You may think that birds in your garden is going to lead to more berries and blooms being eaten, and whilst you may lose one or two, birds are actually great for your garden. Having a bird bath means that you attract a wide range of different birds to your garden.

These birds will then hang around, looking for insects, seeds and worms that they can munch on. To do this they will need to peck at the soil, unearthing all those tasty titbits. In the meantime, this process actually helps the soil, it aerates the soil, grooms away all those bits of dead plant and eats all the pests that could otherwise ruin your hard grown plants.

You get to watch the birds in a natural environment

Whilst birds may not be everyone’s favourite creature, they are still great to watch. There is no better way to view a bird doing what a bird does best than with a bird bath. Being able to watch birds up close is great for children too. Teaching them more about the local wildlife and showing them just how varied birds can be.

It isn’t just for birds

Bird baths are not only the perfect way for birds to clean off and cool down in your garden, but they are great for other creatures too. They are ideal for wasps and a variety of other insects too. Giving them a place to drink especially during the summer months. Whilst wasps are largely viewed as a pest to us humans, they are a great addition to your garden, eating up some of the bugs that eat your plants and leave your garden looking less that fabulous.

Not only this, but the more flying insects that your garden has, the more your plants will be pollinated and the better they will grow.

It gives you a calming focal point

Whilst bird baths are great for the birds (and the bees) they are also amazing for you too. They give your garden a calming focal point, a place that you can sit and watch the local wildlife.

The idea of gardens is that you have a place to unwind and relax, and there is no better way to do this then with a simple and stylish bird bath.