Most common birds in your garden

Watching birds is a wonderful way to connect with nature. Some are seasonal visitors; others are resident year-round and can become very familiar faces in the garden or allotment. Read More

A good population of birds are part of a healthy garden, helping to keep caterpillars and aphids in check which can damage plants.    

Do you know what types of birds might be found in your garden? 

  1. House sparrow
    There’s no mistaking the smoky cap and rich brown plumage of the male house sparrow. The female is brown all over, with gray-brown underparts.
  2. Starling
    Thanks to their iridescence and speckles, the adults are easy to identify, while the juveniles aren’t so dark and glossy. 
  3. Blue tit
    These sweet birds, with their blend of blue and yellow feathers, will eat at the feeders, too, if House Sparrows give them time, and will also eat insects and caterpillars in the garden.
  4. Blackbird
    A large thrush with a long tail that runs and stops across the ground. Males are black with a yellow bill and eye ring. Females are brown with streaked breasts and a pale throat. Her bill is dark, or yellow with a dark tip
  5. Goldfinch
    Small, dainty finch with a conspicuous red face and yellow on wing. The upperparts are dull brown, and the underparts are buffy-white with brown breast patches. Wings are black, rump is white, and tail is black with white spots at the tip.
  6. Chaffinch
    A sparrow-sized finch with a long body. Male has orange-pink underparts, a greenish rump, dark wings with white wing bars which distinguish it from other finches. The face is orange-pink with a blue-gray cap. The female is duller, olive-gray above, and olive-buff below.
  7. Great tit
    Similar in appearance to the blue tit, great tits are easily distinguished by their black crown and white cheeks, as well as their distinctive two-syllable song.
  8. Robin
    Unmistakable due to its signature red breast, white belly and brown back, the robin can be seen all year round. Juveniles are mottled brown all over, with no red breast.
  9. Siskin
    One of the UK’s smallest finches, the male is bright yellow with a black cap and bib, while the female is gray with duller yellow streaks and no black cap.
  10. Jay
    Striking colours but white rump is the most obvious feature, especially in flight. Blue on the wing is less easy to see. Hops in springy bounds on the ground but usually secretive.

How to attract birds to your garden? 

Attracting birds is more than just providing a reliable food source. Install a bird bath to lure more of these gorgeous creatures with a water source which is also a beautiful garden ornament 

While it can be fun to watch them splashing in the water, preening and looking after their feathers is an important factor for any bird’s health. They also need a supply of drinking water and if kept clean a bird bath can supply this for them too.

Our Stone Bird Baths will make a lovely addition to any outdoor space. This garden ornament is made in the finest reconstituted stone, sized to complement gardens big and small, and styled to attract all garden birds by providing them with somewhere safe to splash around and wash.