When is the best time to install a bird bath?

The beauty of owning a bird bath, is that your garden becomes a local attraction for the birds. Read More

The beauty of owning a bird bath, is that your garden becomes a local attraction for the birds. A place where our feathered friends can cool down, refresh and clinch their thirst. You will be happy to know that most bird baths also attract and host international fans!

So when is the best time to install a bird bath?

Well, migration plays a role.  Although Africa is quite a large distance away,  birds migrate between Africa, UK and both European and Asian continents every year in search for warmer climates and less competitive territories.
Arguably, a lot of the bird species in the UK don’t migrate. You can always expect your bird bath to attract non-migrating birds such as:
Blue tit
and many more

On the other hand, to list all the species that migrate in and out of the UK throughout the seasons would make this blog post incredibly long.

Birds are with us all year round.

Furthermore, there isn’t a ‘right location’ to place a bird bath in your garden. Go with whoever feels right to you, but try to pick a place that’s not easily disturbed (e.g. close to fences that are nearby public paths). Birds are very skittish creatures.

How to attract more birds to your birdbath?

Once a bird finds a reliable water/food source, they repeatedly come back to the same spot in search for nutrition.  Many birds will build their nests nearby to food and water sources,  but what else can you do to get their attention?

Give space for the birds to perch.

During the summer, birds like to flutter in shallow waters to cool down. If your birdbath is too deep, consider putting a few rocks down to give our feathered friends a place to stand on, or scatter a few seeds on the ground near the bath.

Keep the water fresh

As a bird, you would have access to a range of water sources (lakes, rivers and gutters). By keeping the water fresh you will increase the chances of birds choosing your bath over other sources!

So, there isn’t really the best time?

Don’t fall into the trap of caring for the feathered tourists and neglecting the locals.

There isn’t really a perfect time that you can install a bird bath. Consider your own garden, do you have a space for it? What kind of bath would fit your garden’s character?

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